After finally attending Adele’s performance in Las Vegas, fans can “die happy.”

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After finally attending Adele's performance in Las Vegas, fans can "die happy."
After finally attending Adele’s performance in Las Vegas, fans can “die happy.”

After finally seeing Adele perform in Las Vegas, fans from all over the world declared that they can now “die happy.”

Following the performance, the singer’s supporters claimed they felt she had “given the show she wanted to give” and that they were “happy to see her happy.”

As they streamed out of The Colosseum venue, they praised the Caesars Palace opening night as “one of the best nights ever.”

The show, according to BeJaxx, a 38-year-old performer from Nashville, Tennessee, was “so well thought out.”

He told the PA news agency, “That was without a doubt one of the best shows that I have been to, not just the sound but… everything sounded very well thought out.”

“I was just ecstatic for her that everything finally worked out the way she wanted. She gave us the performance she had in mind.

“For me, I was simply pleased to see her content and happy… I wouldn’t have cared if she had just given me a keyboard or even a real piano; I would have been content. That show had just astounding quality.

The 60-year-old Missourian Clare Mueller praised Adele as “the genuine deal.”

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It was incredible. She is the most amazing performer I’ve ever seen. She informed PA that she felt terrible about what had happened in the past.

She’s the genuine article. It was the best night ever; it was the pinnacle.

Simply seeing her content and happily made me happy. I would have been content if she had simply given me a keyboard, not even a real piano, and sweats.

Tennessee’s Nashville native BeJaxx
Cousins Marcela de la Garza, 35, and Jesy Almaguer, 33, traveled from Mexico to watch the award-winning singer for a second time, despite previously telling PA they were worried about experiencing a second letdown.

The show, however, “exceeded every anticipation I had,” according to Ms. Almaguer.

The show was incredible and the finest ever. She exceeded all of my expectations… The emotive performance made her cry “three or four times,” she added, adding that it was like a dream.

We don’t want to overestimate our happiness, but we are happy nonetheless, Ms. de la Garza told PA before the show. I’m currently stung by butterflies.

Others admitted that returning to Caesars Palace for her previously postponed performance “did not feel real,” but they were confident it would be “worth the wait.”

A lengthy line of people formed outside The Colosseum for a prestigious merchandise store hours before the doors were scheduled to open.

In an emotional letter to fans on Instagram earlier this year, the singer announced a last-minute postponement and said the show was “not ready.”

Rafael Face, a 23-year-old Brazilian medical student who had been in Las Vegas in January when he learned of Adele’s cancellation, was one among those waiting in line.

He informed PA that after seeing Adele, he may “die happy” despite having missed numerous tests and traveling to the US once again.

I’m pretty smitten with Adele, he declared.

“I’m not sure how I’ll respond. I may cry, but I’m not sure.

“This is my first time,” he continued. I’m here for that reason. 

Seattle resident JJ Pollard, 24, expressed her disappointment in the cancellation of Adele’s initial set of concerts in PA.

“I am ecstatic to be here. I was devastated when she canceled, but I really believe the wait will be worthwhile,” she added.

“I’m ecstatic to be here and watch the show. There is a good, happy vibe, and her admirers are always extremely lovely. It’s going to be crazy, in my opinion.

“We’re making a big deal out of being here for the weekend. I never imagined I’d run into her.

Adele posted on Instagram on Thursday night that she had “never been more nervous before a show in my career,” but that she could not contain her excitement.

Before realizing the singer’s message was encouraging, fans who were waiting for the event said they were “triggered” by another last-minute post from her.

37-year-old Londoner Ross Taggart told PA, “It was terrible.

When I woke up, I noticed a lengthy message and I immediately thought, “Oh no, she hasn’t done it again,” but she continued by expressing her excitement, so it was all right.

“I had PTSD,” admitted Amy Jaron of Los Angeles, California, “because it was highly upsetting.”

When she learned of the cancellation earlier this year, Ms. Jaron claimed she had just crossed the state line from California into Nevada.

It does not feel authentic. It feels like we were here yesterday, but it’s finally here,” she said.

We are thrilled to be reunited. “We met so many people, so it was a beautiful thing to happen out of a sad incident that happened,”

The 23-year-old Ms. Jaron claimed she was one of the fortunate admirers who got to video call Adele in January and that the experience had been “life-changing.”

She told PA, “You could tell she felt so horrible, but the loyal fans understood.

Adele later acknowledged that she had “the best fans in the world” and thanked them after getting a flood of positive feedback over her choice to cancel.

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