Airportdle Game answers for Today (Otcober 2022)

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Airportdle Game answers for today (Otcober 2022)
Airportdle Game answers for today (Otcober 2022)

Welcome to the official page of Are you looking for the Airportdle Game answer ? If yes, then we would like to tell you that you are on the right track.

Here in this tutorial we will explain all the things about Airportdle Game and also will inform about Airportdle Game answer. So so in this particular page you will find all your queries answer and you can ask in the comment section if you have any doubts.

So without wasting any time let’s get started.

What is Airportdle Game ?

Airportdle Game is a kind of wordle Airport IATA codes gam where a player should be guess the airport code in 6 attempts.

As I said it is similar to the wordle game it is also indicating the lights like ok if you to guess the correct answer then the lights will turn green and if you guess the wrong answer then it will turn yellow.

Airportdle is one type of online game which is similar to the wordle online game. It is not that much similar the difference is that the test of your airport knowledge.

In wordle online game you have to guess 5 letter words but in this online game the players should guess the airport code in their 6 attempts.

Red is also known as wordle airport IATA codes game. And It was first developed by scotts cheap flights.

We are all known that airport includes the international air transport Association that means IATA is consisting of all the airport codes of all around the world airport. So they are planning to making this online information to an online game that should be a very challenging and entertainment game for the airport user.

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What is wordle ?

We are all known that about the wordle online game. In this game a player should guess the correct word in the correct position and this game also indicating weather this answer is right or wrong by indicating Yellow or green lights.

This is one of the most popular online game now a days. In this game the players have only six attempt to guess the 5 letter mystery word.

Alternative of Airportdle Game

There are many more alternative games are available on the Internet you can go it blindly. But choosing the best game which are entrance you and having more fun is little bit tough.

So in addition to do that we are coming with some couple of alternative games you can say its similar games which you should go for Once.

  • Geoguesser
  • Microsoft flight simulator
  • Seterra
  • The Sims 3: world adventures

How to play Airportdle Game ?

If you are really interested to play this game then there is no need to to download this game you can play it on your web browser also by searching its name and click the official link and you can play it on ware web browser.

Here we mentioned some couple of instructions on how to play this Airportdle Game on your web browser.

  • To play this game you should go first the official website of this Airportdle Game.
  • You can go through this link fore official website of Airportdle Game.
  • After clicking this link a screen will appear on your web browser where you can see that the airport game having 6 attempts only
  • So you have to guess the 3 correct letter I mean the airport code in in 6 attempts only.
  • After each attempt the colour of the light will appear to show whether it is right or wrong.
  • A new Airportdle Game will be available on daily basis.

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Can you play wordle on airplane?

Of course!!!! Everyone can play this Airportdle Game. It’s becoming more popular viral game now a days. Apart from that this game is totally free for everyone. If anyone can play this game they should be go to their web browser and search it by its name and play it it and make more fun.

It gives airport players 5 guesses in every single days. as we discussed this game gives only 6 attempts to guess the airport code. Foreign example: LAX tips for Los Angeles and ORD is for Chicago.

This game is restricted playing during the flight. Because you are already know that in flight you are not able to use the internet so you are not able to play this game also.

So better you have internet you can use it on your web browser and play this game and make more fun.

In the flight the internet makes fluctuating so better do not play this game while you are in aeroplane.

What are the rules to play Airportdle Game?

So there are some couple of rules are available to play this Airportdle Game which are listed below.

  • You have only 6 attempts to guess the the airport IATA code.
  • After each guess the colour will indicate whether your guess is right or wrong.
  • Each IATA code must be valid IATA code.

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Tips and tricks for Airportdle Game

It’s becoming more popular now a days. In the world having millions of fans right now. So here we are mentioned some tips and tricks you should go before you play this Airportdle Game game.

In order to win this game we have mentioned some couple of tips and tricks you should go for Once.

We have found that choosing the IATA codes that have the special letter it’s more flexible.

You should know about the countries name along with that code. So if you are already very familiar to the countries in the world then you are able to give the answers correctly in the meantime.

Do not necessarily e memorize the words, you have to choose your words or or you can guess it by their country name also.

Airportdle Game answers for today

If you are looking for the answers of Airportdle Game then here in this point we will discuss the Airportdle Game answers for today.

So so you can bookmark this page on your future reference or or you can save this page if you are really interested for the upcoming answers.

These answers are fully researched by our team , so you do not have very to go anywhere else. You can save this page for your future reference also.

DateAirportdle Game answers
10 October 2022EAR
9 October 2022GRK
8 October 2022JMS
7 October 2022AUA
6 October 2022AGS
5 October 2022BUR
2 October 2022PRG
Airportdle Game answers for today


Here in this article we covered all the things about Airportdle Game and all the related things also. Apart from that we are also covered Airportdle Game answers for today. So hope you are enjoying to read this article. If you are still any queries for us then I can feel free to ask in our comment section.

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1. Where I can play Airportle game ?

You can play it on your own web browser by go to the official website of this game. Official website of this game is mentioned in this article you can read there.

2. Can I play the old version of this game ?

Unfortunately this version of this game is no longer available. In addition to play we have to choose the updated version of this game.

3. How many attempts it will give to the user ?

If you are really interested to play this game then we would like to tell you that this came I will give you only 6 attempts on day basis.

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