Australia vs England, 3rd ODI Cricket: Live Score Updates

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Australia355 – 5 (48.0 overs) (Win)
England142 all out (31.4 overs)
Third One Day International, Melbourne Cricket Ground
Is this considered retaliation?
In a T20 series a few weeks ago, England defeated Australia 2-0. After that, they went on to win the World Cup, while Australia flopped in the group stage. According to the game's regulations, if England has the audacity to defeat Australia, they must be prepared for a beating the following time the two teams face off. And that's what happened.

Particularly Head, Warner, Hazlewood, and Zampa were excellent for Australia. The series had very little purpose, and England played poorly. Next week, nobody will remember it, but the World Cup will live on for a very long time.
Australia prevails 3-0 in the series (Stone b Zampa 4, England 142 all out)
Zampa's googly has Stone perplexed, so that is actually what has happened.
England is 133-9 after 31 overs (Willey 3, Stone 4) A well-earned wicket for Mitch Marsh, who moved the ball too much throughout his opening stint to locate the edge. Olly Stone, who stunned everyone by taking four wickets in the final over, now pulls off the same trick with four runs in the first over—a proper cover drive.
Australia vs England, 3rd ODI Cricket: Live Score Updates
Australia vs England, 3rd ODI Cricket: Live Score Updates
Australia prevails 3-0 in the series.
Zampa's googly has Stone perplexed, so that is actually what has happened.
England is 133-9 after 31 overs (Willey 3, Stone 4) A well-earned wicket for Mitch Marsh, who moved the ball too much throughout his opening stint to locate the edge. Olly Stone, who stunned everyone by taking four wickets in the final over, now pulls off the same trick with four runs in the first over—a proper cover drive.
Wicket! Marsh b Carey c Dawson 18
Dawson attempts to flail and receives a nick.
England 127-8 after 30 overs (Dawson 16, Willey 3) Zampa is certain that Dawson is a goddim since he missed a sweep. Pitched and hit according to plan, but did too much. As if the Aussies weren't laughing enough already, this causes a lot of high-pitched laughter on the stump microphone.

Tony Cowards asks, "Please tell me, is Adam Zampa's nick name "Christmas"?"
England score 123-8 in the 29th over (Dawson 14, Willey 1), and Sean Abbott, the only Australian bowler with one-day figures, succeeds.
Tim in the evening," says Patrick O'Brien. The only moral choice is to watch the World Cup because this situation is so bad. Ha.
Wicket! Abbott b, Curran c, and Hazlewood 12 (England 122-8)
When Curran searches for his second six, he only finds Hazlewood at deep mid-off. And for beverages, England requires a trace of brandy.
England is 119-7 after 28 overs. (Dawson 13, Curran 11, Sam Curran hits the game-winning shot of the inning, a six-run back-foot straight loft off Zampa! As it lands on the rope, it is also a very economical one. A commentator points out that Dawson backs him up with a sweep for four, which is not an easy shot to play off Zampa. With only about half as many balls played, this partnership has already amassed 24 points, one more than Vince and Moeen's.
England 106-7 in the 27th over. (Dawson 3, Curran 8, Liam Dawson, whose early bowling was completely different from Zampa's, begins to make up for it with his uncomplicated hitting. The substitute, Mackenzie Harvey, drops him at deep square, giving him a difficult chance to score over his shoulder. For four, the ball dribbles away.
England is 97-7 after 26 overs. (Dawson 1, Curran 1) Look at Zampa's numbers if you thought Cummins and Hazlewood's were impressive: 3-1-5-2. According to reports, he has taken the most wickets by an Aussie leg-spinner in a bilateral one-day series with ten in this particular series. Shane Warne can be heard chuckling in approving disbelief from over Melbourne.
Wicket! Zampa 18 Moeen c Someone b
As he moves down the track, Moeen slashes Zampa directly into Marnus Labuschagne who is far away.
England 95-6 after 25 overs (Moeen 18, Curran 0) After seeing the most recent bloodbath, Moeen responds with a four that is off the top edge and over the goalkeeper. We were all prepared for this series to be a letdown, but it has outdone itself.
24th over: 90-6 for England (Moeen 13, Curran 0) Cummins gives Zampa two short legs for the hat-trick ball after finally realising that he can afford to set Test-match fields. Sam Curran is up to the challenge and manages to grab a thick inside edge on a full flat delivery that may have been doing nothing at all. That is a double-wicket maiden, though.

I give you Matt Winter. "I wonder whether any stattos out there are familiar with the definition of the 'least inspiring run pursuit'. This must rank high. I'm giving up and watching the Wendyball match between Jersey and Where The Hell Is That. I believe that is the person who is on.
Wicket! Zampa 0 LBW by Woakes (England 90-6)
Woakes can't handle the googly, and Zampa has three goals in a row.
Wicket! Stones c Buttler b Zampa 1 (England 90-5)
Butter won't pass away in suspense. He attempts a big hit without giving Zampa any consideration, and as a result, he is caught at cover and dies at the top edge. So that's it.
England 90-4 in the 23rd over. The most difficult relationship between two players as classy as Vince and Moeen comes to an end at this point. If this weren't essentially a Test match played in coloured clothing, Jos Buttler would be England's last hope. His clip to the leg is off-target.
Wicket! Vince 22 Abbott substitute (England 89-4)
Finally, Vince pulls off a beautiful four, but it gets to his head. He tries once more, succeeds in getting a top edge, and is easily caught at fine leg.
England 85-3 in the 22nd over (Vince 18, Moeen 13) I give you Zampa. England has to get approximately 20 per over from Zappa's leg-breaks because they can hardly lay a bat on the seamers. With Moeen delivering two of them over midwicket, they manage three off this one.
England 82-3 in the 21st over (Vince 17, Moeen 11) As a few more dots, Moeen locates the middle of the bat and plays an uppish off drive for four runs after Abbott replaces Hazlewood. The first barrier in several years is that one.
England 76-3 after 20 overs (Vince 15, Moeen 6) Even Mitch Marsh is unplayable on this field. For the second time, Adam Zampa drops Moeen, this time at third man.
England is 73-3 after 19 overs (Vince 14, Moeen 5) After continuing, Hazlewood bowls a nip-backer and strikes Vince hard in the box. Ouch. The needed rate is now 10: England needs 291 off 29 overs, which is nearly as terrible.

John Starbuck greets. Good news about St. Helena, but what cricket match would take place between the two smallest cricketing nations? That one I'm going to have to toss to the ground.
England 71-3 in the 18th over. (Moeen 4, Vince 13) When facing Marsh, Moeen plays the bat like a player who isn't truly a member of the squad. While running the second, he bumps into his partner. His drives find the fielders in the ring. His only scoring stroke is a top-edged chip over midwicket for two. To be fair, the movement has gotten worse since the 10th over, according to the commentators, and is the most ever seen in an ODI at the G.
The 17th over: England 69-3 (Vince 13, Moeen 2) Cummins leaves the scene and returns with Hazlewood. He believes he has Vince LBW, but there is a competitive advantage. Hazlewood and Cummins now have combined stats of 12-2-44-3. Woakes and Willey, their English counterparts, managed a 19-0-125-0 record.
15th over: England 68-3 (Vince 13, Moeen 1) Moeen hits the ground running. by Steve Smith dropping it off Marsh at the slip and tossing it over the bar. That whiff was typical of Moeen.

Now, the necessary rate is 9.25.
England 66-3 after 15 overs. Cummins only managed to get one wicket, giving him current stats of 6-2-25-2. Finally, we have Moeen Ali, who wasn't even in the game when Phil Salt hit his head and shoulder while attempting to save a boundary.
Wicket! Cummins c&b Billings 7 (England 66-3)
Sam Billings responds to my question, "Why aren't England trying to pull?" just as I was thinking it. Due to his delay, he can only send the shot straight up into the night sky. Cool as a cucumber, Cummins waits for it to land in his hands.
Drinks: England leads Australia 66-2 after the 14th over (Vince 12, Billings 7) The batsmen should feel relieved when Mitch Marsh comes on with his medium pace, but he discovers some lavish movement. First, a leg-cutter defeats Billings, and then a full ball that loops up off the leading edge, just over the ring on the off side, confuses him. At the break, England requires 298 from 34 overs. If they even come close to that, they will be doing very well.
England 62-2 after 13 overs. (Billings 4, Vince 11) Cummins maintained his position in what are known as the Ashes. Roy continued to play while missing. He now had 21 misses in 45 balls, one of the analysts said. After that, he managed two more misses, making a total of three when you include the ball that did for him. Billings already appears to be improving; after missing a wide, he follows it up with a four-yard punch past mid-off.

Wicket! Cummins, Roy LBW 33 (England 57-2)
Catch him! Roy approaches the off stump, tries a wrist shot, misses, and appears to be lacking in skill. Only his height can save him, and since HawkEye shows the ball brushing the bails, the umpire made the correct call.

England 56-1 after 12 overs (Roy 33, Vince 10) Abbott hits five off the over while trying to get Cummins to write a review for LBW as an attempted yorker thump into Roy’s pad. Cummins is not persuaded, and as it is falling, the umpire correctly determines that Roy has some bat on it, or perhaps forgets to signal leg-bye.

England 51-1 after 11 overs (Roy 32, Vince 6) (5-0-18-1) Hazlewood grabs his sweater, and Cummins wants to switch ends. Roy resumes playing and missing, but with that flip of his, he manages to pick up a two. Already, the necessary pace is roughly eight and a half.

We’ve got an email! Damian Burns informs the audience, “You haven’t heard from me in a while, but another British cricket squad is currently engaged in an ICC-recognized match. In the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Sub Regional Africa A Qualifier in Rwanda, St Helena, a British Overseas Territory with only 4000 inhabitants, is taking part. What a title that is.

“Due to rain, their first game against powerful Kenya was drawn, and the boys learned some hard lessons.”

England 49-1 after 10 overs (Roy 30, Vince 6) Faced with Abbott, Vince plays and misses once more before eventually realizing that he is James Vince and attempting a three-point shot. Australia is clearly in the lead at the end of the powerplay, but England is still in it. The sun is partially out, so the rain is not going to spare England’s cheeks.

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