Daily Quordle game: Today’s answer(October 8)

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Daily Quordle game: Today’s answer(October 6)
Daily Quordle game: Today’s answer(October 6)

Quordle game : welcome to the official page of USmagazine.uk. Friends, you must have heard about the Quordle game. Aren’t you ? If so, then we would like to tell you that this game is a popular spin-off of the famous Wordle game.

In addition to that in this game if there should be guess 4 words at a single time and in each word that contains five letters only.

If a player want they can play it on quadruple field that means you have to enter your words in this four field add a single span of time. In addition to that in this game a player will have 9 chances to guess all the four words.

So so the popularity of this game is becoming more and more now a days. So today in this article will discuss watch more information about this Quordle game and we’ll discuss what are the features of this Quordle game.

Apart from that will discuss the Quordle game today’s answer. So we update this page on regular basis so everyone can find a valuable content and updated content regularly. So kindly save this page and visit this page to know about the answers of Quordle game.

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What about Quordle game ?

Friends Quordle game is it a kind of puzzle game. The main basic principles of this game is very simple and As same as wordle.

The basic principle is that there should guess 5 letter words everyday and this game also indicates wheather the answer is right or wrong by indicating the green yellow and gray lights in their appropriate location.

So in order to win this game a player should be guess four five letter words at a single span of time.

If we talk about the feature then a player have a better chance of getting 4 words then the wordle. Page already gives players 6 guesses.

Apart from that this Quordle game is also provides to the audience with 9 tricks to solve the four words with each guess appearing in 4 different fields.

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More about Quordle game

Quordle game is a kind of daily word puzzle game. It was initially developed by David Mah in 28 February, 2022.

If we talk about the official website you can click here and directly go to the official website of this Quordle game.

Quardle functions differently from its predecessor in that it gives players two ways to play. First up is Daily Quardle, which, like Wordle, only allows you to participate in one tournament each day.

However, you can play practise games as many times as you like by selecting the “Practice” option at the top of the game. However, the outcomes of practise games do not count toward the player’s line.

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Quardle Word Game Features

You have to guess four words in in 4 different weights in 9 attempts. And makes sure each one must be a five letter word. After that enter the word and press the enter key to submit the game.

You can determine by the help of colour of the box wheather you guess is right or wrong. In addition to that you are not able to use any special modify also.

Let’s play the game as an example. If a player it means if you are getting award and the word begins with one of the letter A, the letter A will turn green and also it indicating that your guessing word is in right place.

If the letter which you place in wrong position then yellow light will be appear on the box. That means the guess you have entered is in wrong position.

In this Quardle Game every key Present in the keyboard is divided into 4 quarters.

The upper left quadrant is representing the upper left grid and the right left quadrant representing the right grid.

Along with that the left quadrant under the letter it’s also represent in the buttom left grid and the right quadrant under the later it’s also represent in the bottom right grid of the game.

If this is the problem then your job will be find the correct word match and complete each level.

We are hoping you will understand this question easily. So so so this is a simple word game that it’s simple to learn but difficult to think.

How we can get this Quardle Game ?

Daily Quordle game: Today’s answer(October 6)
Daily Quordle game: Today’s answer(October 6)

According to to one of the best magazine of United States, this game is is becoming more popular nowadays and it has millions of user right now.

So this game is so popular in United States and also every corner of the world. And players are enjoying to play this game.

Maybe it seems like too difficult to solve this puzzle but according to the players opinion it more enjoyable and the challenging also. So in order to win this game you need to get this game and play it once.

You can find this game on the official website of this game. If you really interested to play this game then you have to open your web browser and search this game by its name on your web browser.

Select this game according to you you and play this game and enjoy it.

How to play this Quardle Game ?

It’s all similar to the wordle game but there are some kind of differences we need to observe. This game Heights four words at single time with each word having its own 9 line field. To find this hint you must enter your award first.

After that you have to enter the same number of letter As squares in a row and press the the enter button. After delete all that this word will be entered in or all 4 fields at a single time.

At that the letters of the word that you have entered in all the boxes will change the colour but it also indicating you your guesses is right or wrong.

Green indicates that the letter was correctly guessed. And the letter you have guessed previously having the correct position.
Yellow indicating that the character appears in the password but in a different position.

Gray indicates that there is no such letter exist in this game.

In order to win this game an user should case all of the words correctly.

Quordle game with today’s answer October 2022

Here we provided all the the necessary answers that you should go for Once. This is answers are are fully researched by USmagazine team and 100% accurate that exactly reliable to you. So feel free to find the answer.

Today’s answer of of this Quardle Game are listed below:

  1. LARGE
  2. STUNK
  3. SLANT
  4. NINNY


In this article we covered all the related things about Quardle Word Game. We are hoping that you enjoyed with this article. We updated our face everyday so it can get all your results and answers immediately on our page. So in order to find the answers you don’t go anywhere else. You have to bookmark our paige and check Eurasia and answers based upon your time.

Apart from that if you have any queries then feel free to ask in the comment section we will happy to help you. Thank you!!!

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