Do eSports games Purposely Create Addiction?[2022]

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Are Video Games Designed to Be Addictive?

Welcome to the official page of In this article we will cover the needs of eSports games, and you will also need to know whether eSports games purposely create addiction.

So in order to find the solution of this problematic statement we have to read this article thoroughly to get your answer in an efficient way. So without wasting any time let’s get started.

All the games are now developed to keep you playing rather than buying something on the basis of some advertisement.

Gaming companies are now keep the help of psychologist on account of to make their games addictive as much as possible. But this is not fair actually.

So let’s get started and discuss something new on this will emerging topic.

Skinner’s addictive game design

In 1950, a well-known psychologist named BF Skinner proposed a theory that stated that everyone can control their behavior using their stimulus.

For an example you can go through one of the famous video ‘rat in a cage’ in order to learn it very frequently or simply.

Yes you also recognise the same techniques are used to to great effect within eSports games .

And modern example is the battle pass system within the fortnite. This game each cost you $10 for 10 weeks which is the length of one season in fortnite.

In addition to that it also gives you daily quests and objective also and at the time of completion and also give you some additional reward and some gestures also.

Would you like to play this game or unlock this everything feature ?

It will also attacks you mentally which leads to bound to take the subscription of this game.

This trick is believing you that you are gaining a huge amount of value from this small investment. It might be in terms of some kind of rewards, some kind of prices of money, some kinds of goodies and much more.

More feature exactly lets you nicely into the next point of this game which exactly is investment.

We need to know something about eSports games

As a normal human being we have ability to tell if we like something in a fraction of second or you can say within a short span of time.

Are you concerned about the fact that it takes 1 to 5 seconds to know if we are attracted to someone? So, therefore, looking at material things in the virtual world will be more attractive than in the real world.

You may know that one of the law watch ordinate in the South Korea government status in 2010 which was everyone can created the virtual items are same as the real items.

And now a days most eSports gamers are are want their collection or gaming lifestyle is high ambitious.

Gaming companies are creating more of the two more towards the eSports games .

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Punishment for Not Playing

Numerous well-known mobile eSports games , including Candy Crush and Farmville, penalise you for not playing.

This is what Skinner called avoidance, which is when you act in a certain way to prevent a bad thing from happening.

Even when you are not playing Farmville, your crops will wither if they are not harvested.

You might, for instance, plant certain crops that mature in 4 hours.

The crops will wither and die if you don’t log back into the eSports games within 4 hours of them becoming ripe.

Spending actual money on “unwithering tools” or making sure you log in to the eSports games every day are the only ways to prevent this.

One of the most popular strategies in mobile games is avoidance, which keeps you as a player and raises the likelihood that you’ll spend more money on the eSports games .

Due to these strategies, the mobile gaming sector has grown to be the most lucrative in the world, accounting for over 50% of all eSports games sales worldwide as of 2018.

Streaks and Daily Rewards

How many eSports games have you played where, upon joining in for the first time, a screen stating “Daily reward! Say it now!

Another typical approach used by mobile and MMO developers to keep players engaged is this one.

These eSports games depend on you logging in daily to level up your character, therefore they will take all reasonable measures to make sure you do.

One thing they might do is give you a 30-day timeline of the rewards you’ll get if you check in continuously for 30 days.

When you first start out, the 30-day reward may appear to be quite potent.

However, after playing for a while, you’ll realise that these awards are really really pointless.

Many games use monthly membership services as well, however they always provide a 30-day free trial first.

Game designers are aware that if you persevere through those 30 days, you’re much more likely to keep playing and eventually purchase the game.

To top it off, developers will make sure that if you don’t upgrade to the full version, you lose some of your things or progress.

Video games are made to be addicting in the first month, which is also critical for user retention.

Video Games Are Designed to Be Addictive

You might not be aware of how addicting video games are made to be.

I hope this post has made some of their strategies more clear to you. Games are made to entice you to keep playing and, increasingly, to spend money.

The systems that go into creating video games are pretty fully understood by the behavioural psychologists who design them.

These techniques are being used in kid-targeted video games. It will only grow worse with the development of the mobile gaming market.

We have a ton of great resources to provide you with the support you need if you or someone you know may be battling with a gaming addiction.


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