Ex-housekeeper who sued Brandy Norwood for $250k in March settled with her for $40,000

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Ex-housekeeper who sued Brandy Norwood for $250k in March settled with her for $40,000
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Brandy Norwood settled with her former housekeeper for $40,000 after being sued for $250,000 in March over claims of age discrimination and other grievances.

According to a Wednesday Los Angeles Times article, the housekeeper’s lawyers requested additional legal fees ranging from $39,194.46 to $87,445.80, depending on how the court determines fees. This information was revealed in court documents regarding the 43-year-old singer’s settlement with Maria Elizabeth Castaneda.

Ex-housekeeper who sued Brandy Norwood for $250k in March settled with her for $40,000
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Castaneda, alias Elizabeth Juarez, claimed in her lawsuit filed earlier this year that Norwood had wrongfully terminated her and violated her right to a meal break and proper wages. She also charged Norwood with age discrimination and wrongful termination.

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According to the lawsuit, Brandy employed the housekeeper in her 60s from September 2002 to February 2022 at her Calabasas property. She also stated in court filings that she was paid $125 per day.

According to a recent court filing, Brandy has agreed to pay the sum of legal costs established by the court as part of the settlement.

The fees will be the subject of a hearing on December 8.

The woman claimed in her lawsuit that she was abruptly fired and not paid for her final two days of work because Norwood did not want an “older” housekeeper, according to TMZ.

TMZ was informed by Norwood’s representatives at the time that they disagreed and would have more to say after speaking with their attorneys.

The housekeeper requested $250,000 in damages in addition to back pay for the two days that were lost.

It was Brandy’s second legal action brought in 2022. Norwood was previously sued in January for a $45,000 ring that was supposed to be on display at the American Music Awards in November but wasn’t.

Elle B. Mambetov, a fashion designer and owner of a Beverly Hills studio, filed a lawsuit on behalf of the Boy is my singer and her stylist, Ashley Sean Thomas.

The Dreamboule Big Bang Love Black Ring, which retails for $44,200 on the designer’s website, is said to have never been returned by Brandy and her stylist.

In the case, Mambetov asserts that Thomas had informed her that the jewelry item had last been seen on the piano of Brandy’s Calabasas estate.

One thing to keep in mind is that Brandy did not really wear the ring when she presented Taylor Swift with the Favorite Pop Album award at the AMAs.

For such high-profile events, stylists frequently put together a variety of outfit and jewelry combinations, so it is common for borrowed outfits to be skipped.

Mambetov filed a lawsuit against Brandy and Thomas, seeking compensation for other losses as well as the value of her engagement ring. She also claimed emotional trauma in addition to material losses.

Later, a Thomas representative issued a denial to TMZ.

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