How to Game share on ps4[2022]

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Welcome to the official page of Are you looking for how to game share on ps4 ? Then there is no need to go anywhere else. Here in this article we will discuss every step that what exactly helps you to How to Game Share on PS4.

how to game share on ps4
how to game share on ps4

So without wasting any time let’s get started.

About PS4

Want to play a game with your loved ones or friends? You can play the same game with a friend even if only one of you owns it thanks to Sony’s ability to share your games with someone using a separate PlayStation 4.

Game sharing and Share Play are both supported on PS4, however they function significantly differently. A friend’s PS4 can access all of your PS4’s games by altering the settings on their PS4 so that they can use game sharing. On the other side, Share Play enables you to invite a PS4 player to a local multiplayer game even if that game does not support online multiplayer.

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What you should know before sharing games on PS4

When we share something to another one person then and it’s a great feature. Similar to this sharing a game is also a great feature.

If one person have every access of this game and he or she e next to to allow it to the other people then there are some rules you should know before you share.

  • Before you sharing the game make sure you have a Playstation Plus. Apart from that if you give this game to another person make sure the another person have there PlayStation ready.
  • You can share a game only one person at a time. That means if you are time to share your game with a third person then maybe your account will be blocked at this time which exactly maybe end your own access of you game. So better you just share your game with another person at a single time. Do not share multiple person single time
  • You should be careful at the time of sharing. Because this process requires your personal account and of course your personal information also. So so you just only share with the people whom you trust.

Rules and restriction for sharing game

Friends you should concerned about some rules and restriction before you sharing your gaming account to another person.

Here we are listed some of the rules and restrictions listed below, please go through it before you share your gaming account to another person.

  • You can share your PS4 in 2 ways. The first one is by making another console as the primary PS4 and the another one age activating the sharing button.
  • When you give your PS4 access to your friend or anyone else you must be sign in in with your PSN account and set the console as your primary PS4 account.
  • When you use share play a you can invite your friend to take the control of your game remotely.
  • You can also play multiple I mean together for an hour also.

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Warning and restrictions for PS4 sharing

Before you sharing your PS4 account to another person kindly concern about some warnings and restrictions. Which is exactly helps you to secure your sharing and also so it’s securing your account.

Keep in touch with this warnings and restriction before you sharing your PS4 account.

You will need to make sure the person you have share your account with. If you want to share your PS4 account to the stranger or else you do not know this person then you are not able to set up your PS4 call correctly.

In this case the another one will not access the feature of this game. So makes you you to share this game to the known person or else you can share your gaming account with your family member or any trust for the persons only.

When your new console is updated and ready for the go you can sharing it it securely.

Apart from that you are also concerned about the option off deactivate. Just example if you share this game console to a stranger person then you can deactivate at anytime. So that everyone are not able to access it at any time.

Another good thing is that you can allowed as many people as you want for playing at a time. And makes sure you do not give your account username and password of your PS4 console to anyone else.

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How to game share on PS4 ?

In order to sharing your PS4 console to another person you need to to do some couple of steps that we are listed below.

  • First you need to login with your Playstation account in order to share your console to another person.
  • Click the settings button.
  • Select account management.
how to game share on ps4
how to game share on ps4
  • Click activate As your primary PS4
how to game share on ps4
how to game share on ps4
  • After that you need to confirm by clicking the activate button.

Everything about How to game share on PS4. From now on your friend or family can see all your games in their library console and they can download and play this game also.

How to use share play on PS4?

In this process the players should need to know that first he invite a player on a different PS4 to watch your game on your screen or console.

In order to share you need understand some couple of steps that are listed below.

  • You should go to the PS4 home screen. After that select party and then should start party.
  • After that select the create group button and then choose add players to invite your friend.
  • Start your game.
  • Click the share button on your controller after that share play on the screen.
  • Then select your friend whom you want to share the game.
  • When your friend will accept your invitation the timer will starts in the next 60 minutes at this time people are share your game.
  • During this 60 minute time you can give all access to your friend in order to sharing this game.
    • Click the share button on the controller
    • Select go to party for share play
    • Select give controller to visitor
    • You can now choose whether you want to allow visitor to play as you or play a game together


Here in this article we already covered all the things about PS4 and also informed about How to Game share on ps4. Hope that you are enjoying this article. If you have still any queries then you can feel free to ask in the comment section we are happy to help you. Apart from that you can share this article with your friends and family.

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1. Is game sharing still possible on PS4?

Yes, you can!!! If you are interested to sharing your PS4 console to another person then it’s possible. In order to doing that you have to go to Our article and read the fourth points of the article. We are sure that you will enjoy the article and reach your destination.

2. How do you Gameshare on PS4 2022?

If you are really interested to to share your PS4 console to another person whom you know then you must be over some rules and regulation before you sharing which is exactly mentioned in this article on 4th point. So please go there and read this point and reach your destination.
Happy reading!!!!

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