How to make a roblox shirt

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How to make a roblox shirt
How to make a roblox shirt

In this article, we will explain how to make a Roblox shirt very easily. And will also cover how to create a start and test a start in an efficient manner. Apart from that this article will also cover how to upload a start and how to create and upload a Roblox with one of the major simple processes.

So without wasting any time let’s get started

In order to do that you need to design your sort in any image editing application using the official shirt.

After that, we have to test our shirt in Roblox studio in order to make sure it works or not.

After that, we have to pay 10 Roblox to upload a shirt and if you are using a t-shirt then you do need not to pay anything else which means it’s completely free of cost.

So in this article, we will explain how to make a Roblox shirt including all the instructions for creating testing, and uploading the shirt. Show every instruction given below in every step which is very much simpler for the audience.

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How to create a shirt in Roblox

How to make a roblox shirt
How to make a roblox shirt

In order to create a shirt in Roblox then we have to download one of the templates in PNG format then you have to move that particular design to the image editing application depending upon your choice.

As I mentioned you can use free online Photoshop you can also use some free online photo editors for free applications and professional graphics editing software like Photoshop for whatever you are comfortable with.

After that, you have to create your shirt design if you are really interested to upload it to Roblox then I would like to tell you that uploading your T-shirt on the blocks is completely free of cost.

So we need to upload a start that also allows you to wear it yourself whether or not you want to sell it to others.

Show this point will cover how to make a Roblox shirt in a simple process.

  • First, we need to download the Roblox template file for the Tshirt design
  • After that, we have to open this particular file in an image editing application.
  • Image editing applications is depending upon your choice. There are many more image editing applications are available over the internet. In order to get this image editing application you have to search Google for free image editing applications and click whatever you want. And select your design.
  • After that, we need to modify the template and add the colors to the boxes.
  • If you guys will want your shirt to leave the hands or hands and 4 and there then you need to select and delete this particular person or select or delete the row or two rows from the arm template.
  • So it’s completely an optional step actually. If you really want to do this then, of course, you can. But it’s an optional step if you want to skip this step then also you can.
  • After that save the image in a PNG format with transparency.
  • And now your Roblox shirt is now ready to be uploaded. But before that, we have to test it.

How to test a Roblox shirt

After uploading your problems that as soon as possible you have to create the template but it’s a good idea in order to create the template we have to taste the t-shirt first.

So Roblox chargers Robux every time in order to upload the T-shirt so uploading without testing then it might be some kind of mistake or unusual. So so in order to upload that means before uploading we have to test this shirt and it can help you to figure out any issues.

So in order to test the Roblox t-shirt we have to obey a couple of steps which are listed below.

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  • For the post, we need to open the Roblox studio and click the Classic base plate.
  • After that click the save to Roblox
  • And name your test game and click the save button
  • Unit 2 right click on the images
  • Click add images
  • We need to select your shirt template and click open.
  • After that click the plugins
  • Click the build Rig
  • You can see the R15 tab highlighted over that we have to click block rig.
  • We have to move our Mouse over the dummy in the explore Pane and click the + button over that.
  • Then click shirt
  • Click clothing
  • Click the shirt template in the appearance tab
  • Click your shirt template
  • Your shirt will upload to the game
  • You can click and hold the right mouse button to move the mouse to turn the camera and use the Mouse scroll to zoom in and zoom out the camera to see your shirt in different sizes.
  • Then repeat every step with different rigs to make sure your site is looking right or not.

How to upload a Roblox shirt

In order to upload a Roblox at once you have tasted your Roblox and do the necessary changes then now you are ready to upload it into Roblox. As I mentioned before Roblox used to require a premium account to upload searches but now they charge Robux every time you upload a new design of your shirt.

That means you will need to buy some Robux in order to upload your shirt.

So here are a couple of steps in order to upload your Roblox shirt into Roblox which are listed below.

  • First, navigate to Roblox create a page and click the option manage my experience.
  • Click shirts
  • Click the Choose file
  • Select your shirt template and click open
  • Click upload
  • After that Roblox will review your t-shirt and it will be available after clear all the review process

How to create and upload a Roblox t-shirt

Roblox t-shirts are much simpler than any teacher and you have not or we can say we do not have to pay to create and upload the Roblox T-shirt.

So in order to create and upload a Roblox t-shirt we have to obey some States which are listed below.

  • Open your image editing application and create an image with a dimension of 512X512 pixels.
  • After that, we have to design our t-shirt and create the look the way we want.
  • Then save your T-shirt design as a PNG format
  • Navigate to the Roblox develop face and click the Tshirt
  • Click choose file
  • Select your t-shirt file and click open
  • Click upload
  • Now your site will be available after it clears all the review processes.


Hindi Santa Kal we covered all the things about the Roblox test and also informed you how to make a Roblox shirt in an efficient manner. We are hoping that you are enjoying at the time of reading this article. If you like this article then you can subscribe to our newsletter for your future reference. If you have still any doubts you can feel free to ask in our comment section.

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