How to Play imessage Games [Easily-2022]

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How to Play imessage Games
How to Play imessage Games

Welcome to the official page of If you are a gamer, then we are here to inform you about one of the most popular games, which you should try on your iPhone. Of course, we are talking about I message games. In this article we will learn much more about imessage games and we will also learn how to play imessage games.

You can add some extra fun into your conversation with the help of imessage so start playing this imessage games with your friends and families and makes more fun.

So without wasting any time let’s get started.

iMessage game

iMessage is one of the most popular and useful way to communicate your friends and families who have the iPhone. Now a days messages are becoming modern ways. Show so we can message our friends are families who have the iPhone with the help of iMessage games which consisting lot of fun emojis, read receipts, typing alerts, and many more essential modern way message format.

It’s not exactly a kind of messaging application but also so it’s much more than the messaging. If you want to learn how to play iMessage games, then we will discuss it here. So read this article throughly and gained some knowledge.

iMessage is a sample type of games which is designed to play one by one. it means first you should play it after that it’s another person turn. So it’s a kind of torn B on Simple game.

Rules and restriction to play this iMessage game

Before you play this iMessage you should gain some rules and regulation of this iMessage game in order to win this game.

So some couple of rules and restrictions are listed below you should have a look into this.

  • You can only play this iMessage game on your iPhone.
  • You should use the app store extension which is built into iMessage.
  • You you can get millions of iMessage games on your iPhone.
  • iMessage games are are totally free of cost for play.
  • There are also some premium games are available in the app store.
  • If you want to play the premium game then you need to purchase it from the app store.

How to play iMessage games on your iPhone

In this point we will cover how to play iMessage games on your iPhone. Before you start this iMessage game you should have a look on this couple of points in order to win this game very easily.

So the necessary steps are are listed below:

How to Play imessage Games
How to Play imessage Games
  1. First when need to open the message application on our iPhone and we need to search the contacts we want to play with.
  2. After that Scroll it above. You can see that the application store icon is visible to you. You need to click it.
  3. After clicking this application it will open the application store of iMessage application. You can see there are a lot of stickers are available in this but if you Scroll it down a little then you will find the section called “iMessage games we love”.
  4. Click to see all button.
  5. After that I can see that there are a lot of games are available on your screen.
  6. Each game has their own pictures videos and other related information about this game. You need to find out the best game which is suitable for you depending upon your interest.
  7. When you to find out one of the best game, then click the get button next to the icon and get it.
  8. After get this game you need to click the X icon which is top right corner. It will redirect you again to the iMessage screen.
  9. Then you need to scroll down untill found your downloaded game. When you find it click on it.
  10. After clicking this it will open a menu where you can customise your game which exactly you want to play it with your contact.
  11. When you have selected the game it will be automatically loaded into you keyboard.
  12. After doing all this thing the game will say delivered as same as the normal message.
  13. Now you can start your game.
  14. When you have completed your turn you will wait for your friend to play.
  15. When your friend have completed they are turn then after that you are able to to play it again. So you will get a new message from the game preview. You need to click it for your next turn.
  16. You have to play it until the game is over. In addition to that we would like to say you that some games only have few rounds and some of the games are go much longer.
  17. If your game is over you can click the play again button to start it again.
  18. or else you can send a new invitation to your contacts to play it again.

So these are some tips you should follow before you play this game.

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Top 10 iMessage games available on App Store

Here we mentioned top 10 iMessage games which are available on an iPhone application store. Kindly have a look before you select such games.

  1. Best Multi-Game Compilation for iMessage: Game Pigeon
  2. Best iMessage Word Game: Wordie
  3. Best Basketball Game for iMessage: Cobi Hoops
  4. Air Hockey With a Twist: Let’s Puck It
  5. Word Game Tournaments for iMessage: Boggle With Friends
  6. Mind-Bending Mini-Golf on iMessage: Mr. Putt
  7. Best Icebreaker Game for iMessage: Truth Truth Lie
  8. Best iMessage Chess Game: Checkmate
  9. Make Your Own iMessage Slide Puzzles: WIT Puzzles
  10. Candy Crush Clone for iMessage: Bubble Bop

Can we play iMessage games on Android?

For a variety of reasons, you can’t immediately access the iMessage app on your Android cellphones. Text messages and other data sent and received by Apple device users are safeguarded by a unique security technology. End-to-end encryption is used from the device that sends the messages to the one that receives them. In the iMessage app, all messages are encrypted using the Apple security mechanism. Only (Apple) devices that are aware of the decryption key for those messages can run iMessage.

Although playing iMessage games directly on an Android smartphone is not possible, there are workarounds that you can use to play these games on an Android phone. You can take advantage of all the functionality that iMessages provides on Android by utilising the weMessage app. WeMessage is an Android smartphone application that combines the iMessage cloud messaging service.

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You will need an Apple Mac device to use the weMessage app for using the iMessage feature on Android. The “weMessage” programme enables using iMessage on your Android by acting as a server on the Mac device. WeMessage offers nearly all of the same capabilities as iMessage, including text messaging, group conversations, content filtering, notifications, DND functionality, and most other functions.

Requirements to Play iMessage Games on Android

You have required some couple of things to play this games on an Android device. First we need to get and install the weMessage application with the help of your Android device.

In order to get this application we are are given some couple of steps which are listed below. If you are really interested to play this game on on with you Android device then have a look on this steps.

  • You have required an Apple ID to access the iMessage application.
  • After that you need to have a MacOS 10.10 or above.
  • You need to install the Java 7 or above version on your MacOS.
  • A Android smartphone which having an operating system of 5.0 or above.
  • And last point is you must install the weMessage application on your Android phone.


Here in this article we covered much more information about iMessage application and also informed How to Play imessage Games. We are hoping that you guys are enjoying to read this article. If you still have any queries you can feel free to ask ok in our comment section we are happy to help you out. Apart from that if you like this article you can share it with your friends and family is also.

Thank you for reading!!!!


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