How to Stream VR Games on Discord [100% Working Methods]

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how to stream vr games on discord
how to stream vr games on discord

Welcome to the official page of If you are looking for some great VR games, then we would like to tell you that this card is a great way to stream VR games. In this article we will show you how to stream VR games on Discord so you can get all the information about Discord quickly.

We will also inform some additional information about VR game content.

So without wasting any time let’s get started.

What is discord?

Discord is one type of of interactive platform which is specially developed for gaming communities. Discord allows us to connect with other people or you can say other server using voice and video calls.

It also provide some artificial intelligence kind of thing like virtual reality environment. It is one of the best feature of the discord yet.

User can communicate to the other person true there virtual reality and government and can stream the game to the other server member.

Apart from that along with discord virtual reality environment also provides high quality videos at the time of streaming at discord.

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Can we stream VR games on discord?

Of course we can!!! We can share our virtual reality screen with another person with the help of same server.

Along with that discord allows developers, Gamers as well as all the pic gents can communicate with the help of voice messaging as well as video call also within the same server.

Discord it is also featuring one of the great tool which is called Go Live where game can stream game with the help of audio and video call.

Go live features of discord it’s specially designed to to improve the User experience. If we talked about the registered user now this discord platform Has millions of registered user. So it becoming more popular day by day.

This platform is also used globally for business purpose communication and as well as business development purpose.

Some take giants says that it will be the alternative of Microsoft teams and slack.

You can get this platform and use it with free of cost. With this free of cost account discovered platform which also provide some great features like creating an account, creating server and many more.

It also provide one of the best facilities which is screen sharing feature with your virtual reality platform for experience your game to the user.

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How to Stream VR Games on Discord ?

Discord is also provide streaming your game into this platform. So they are are many ways to stream your VR game with the help of this code platform.

how to stream vr games on discord
how to stream vr games on discord

So in this point we will cover how to stream VR games on discord which are listed below. You should go step by step before you to stream your game on discord platform.

  • First thing is that we need to start our discord application.
  • After that we have to create a server where we can add friends manually or share the links.
  • We need to install steam VR.
  • After that we need to install the games which are we want to stream with our friends.
  • Start the the steam VR and makes sure reduce running in the background.
  • Start your project
  • In order to live streaming click on discord icon over-the-head.
  • Click the stream game name option.
  • After that a pop up will appear to your screen to confirm that your stream has been started.
  • Click on stream button.

Along with that steam VR will be automatically launched with your game. But there might be possible it will not start . So so in addition to that we have to launch it manually before we launch our live streaming of game.

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How to stream VR games on discord Oculus Quest?

In order to stream VR games on discord with the help of Oculus Quest headset we need to use casting.

how to stream vr games on discord
how to stream vr games on discord

Casting helps to protect your VR headset content into your computer for live streaming. You can casting your VR device many ways. Dislike you can casting your VR device with the help of Chromecast, oculus casting as well as audio and webcam devices.

Oculus casting is one of the most cost effective option for live streaming of your game. In this point will discuss how to stream VR games on discord oculus quest.

So we have mentioned some couple of steps which are listed below which might be very helpful for your understanding.

  • Go to the oculus casting website
  • We need to sign in into this website.
  • Click the share button and cast button in your headset.
  • Click the share button and cast button to watch whether your computer listed under this option or not.
  • Click the computer option. It will allow you to cast your audio and video to your computer.

If you have some audio problem then in this point we have mentioned some couple of steps which you should go for to fix your audio problems.

  • . First we need to start our virtual desktop using oculus application
  • After opening this app click the virtual desktop menu.
  • Navigate to the setting and enable audio pass off headset using the virtual desktop setting.

How to stream VR with sound ?

Most of the cases seen that the audio might not be work at the time of live streaming of VR games. It may be possible at the time of launching the stream. So the streaming could be break before the game.

And sometime it will same that your video will play but the audio is not working properly. In this case I have some couple of steps to solve this audio problem to involve your gaming experience.

  • First we need to start the steamVR before launching the game.
  • You can see that in the steamVR tab setting button will appear which exactly assign audio to the main device. Set it to your VR headset audio.
  • Launch your steamVR after the setting the audio and launching it.
  • Make sure you have started the game before you stream in discord.
  • You can play a the game depends upon your interest and you can also stream it when you click the start button.


In this article we covered all the things about your VR gaming and also informed how to stream VR games on discord. We are hoping that you enjoyed this article at the time of reading. If you have still any queries regarding this you can feel free to ask in our comment section we are happy to help you to find out your solution. Apart from that if you like this article you can share it with your friends and families also.


1. Can I stream VR games on Discord?

Of course you can!! In order to stream VR games on discord you have to obey some couple of steps to experience your live streaming. All those points are mentioned in this article you can go to the third point of this article and I will gain the lot of information over there.

2. Can you share VR screen on Discord?

YES, we can!!! If you want to share your virtual reality screen on discord then it’s possible at the time of your live streaming of game.

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