Mel Gibson won’t give testimony in the Harvey Weinstein case.

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Mel Gibson won't give testimony in the Harvey Weinstein case.
Mel Gibson won’t give testimony in the Harvey Weinstein case.

You will be surprised to know that they are not going to call Mel Gibson to testify in Harvey Weinstein’s criminal trial.

Mel Gibson would have been brought to the stand to speak in part of a story in this case where he was supposed to have accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment.

For your information, let us tell you that Jane Doe is a famous therapist who used to work for Mel Gibson. He told the court that the braveheart actor had become a close friend of his, which is why he told him everything about the incident.

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Where Mel Gibson asked for help and also asked whether she wanted to call the police or find a lawyer.

Jane doe has said this month in front of the jury in the courtroom that he was the first person with whom I had become very friendly.

Earlier in the trial, a journalist who is also a good friend of Gibson testified that Jane Doe had attacked him. Along with that, he has also said in front of jewelry that the same person who had mixed Gibson with Jane Doe asked him to help and also said that in 2015 all this about the story He had also called them to speak.

In the courtroom, George told that whatever evidence is there against Vansh Nine, they will have to be called into the courtroom. Along with this, the lawyers of Dynasty Time had said in the courtroom that this case had created many problems between Gibson and Winston.

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