A cottage in Montecito that is “near to the beach” is listed by Ellen DeGeneres for $6 million.

According to the news, Ellen DeGeneres and his wife Portia de Rossi are ready to sell one of their properties in Montecito.

Earlier this week, the couple listed their 1915 cottage for nearly $6 million.

The house they are about to sell is a 2830 square feet home, it has three bathrooms and a guest room, and it is also close to the town.

According to the news, comedian Ellen DeGeneres and his wife are about to sell the property of Monty Seats and have listed it,

let us tell you that before this week, Kapil had also listed the Tate of 1915

which was also very beautiful and he is going to sell it for about 6 million dollars.

Along with that the house they are going to sell is about 2830 square feet house with three bathrooms in the house as well as a guest room which is very beautiful

If we talk about the day of privacy, now let us tell you that it is available in Hello Yaar Village of Monty City

If we know more details of the room then let me tell you that right you enter this property ie this date then you will get a red front door in the front door

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