When it comes to dealing with internet trolls, Alexa Bliss won't be silent.

Alexa Bliss discussed the work that goes into entertaining the fans in a recent interview with Metro.

She also said that the way people treat wrestlers is quite depressing.

In the same interview, Alexa Bliss said that despite her coworkers' best efforts, many online bullies still attack them.

In the WWE, Alexa Bliss, who is only 31 years old, has reached the pinnacle.

She has portrayed many identities and managed to win the WWE Women's Championship five times.

a Money in the Bank champion and only the second Women's Triple Crown victor in history.

Nevertheless, despite all of her accomplishments, some online trolls have persisted in harassing her and her coworkers.

. Alexa continued her Metro interview by saying that she's always given her physical all.

Alexa Bliss might join Bray Wyatt's new group, according to rumours.

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