In this web story we will discuss our futbin server down or not. If it is down then how do we check ?

In order to check if futbin servers are down or not you have to check your region First.  

 you can use your web browser just like Chrome browser

just like Safari browser and Firefox browser In order to check whether the foot been servers are down or not.    

If you found that the futbin servers are giving any kind of error then you can conclude that there is some problem occurring.  

In order to fix this issue you have to click the Control + F5 button at the same time  

There is another solution is that you have to switch off your modem and restart your computer.  

You have to clear all your cookies from your browser.  

You need to check whether your futbin server is blocked by the Firewall or not.  

There is might be possible in your DNS fault occurs the futbin server is down.  

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