Billy Connolly’s 40 funniest jokes and one-liners as the Big Yin celebrates 80th birthday

It’s the birthday of one of the best comedians Billy Connolly.

So on this occasion, we are coming off toward you with the best varieties of jokes which you should go for Once

As we all know that these comedians have been making us laugh for centuries

so today on his birthday, we should do something like this so that he too will remember us forever.

As you know Billy Connolly is a comedian as well as an Akhtar and an artist and he is also a big superstar in the industry whose world is present in France

Earlier this year he was given the honor of 50 years and he retired in 2013 but he also started his comedy show on TV.

Friends, for your information, let me tell you that Billy Connolly is still one of the most famous comedians on the BBC network

his name is always known in the future because he has belted his career in such a way that the hearts and minds of everyone I will stay forever.

So today is the birthday of this great man and during his auspicious birthday

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