This week, singer-songwriter Carly Simon has lost both of her sisters, and she is grieving.

At the age of 82, Broadway composer Lucy Simon passed away from breast cancer.

The previous day, 84-year-old former opera singer Joanna Simon lost her fight with thyroid cancer.

In the 1940s, in New York City, the children of publisher Richard Simon of Simon & Schuster were born into affluence.

In their careers as professional musicians, the three siblings all found success.

At the 1960s, Lucy Simon began her musical career by performing with Carly in Provincetown and Greenwich Village.

The pair released "Wynken, Blynken & Nod," a 1964 song based on Eugene Field's children's 1889 children's poem, under the name Simon Sisters.

The former nursing school graduate began to release records as a solo artist in the middle of the 1970s.

Simon coproduced two children's CDs that won Grammy Awards.

The acclaimed Broadway musical "The Secret Garden," written by Lucy in 1991

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