Corey Taylor, the leader of Slipknot, may or may not have confirmed or denied the band's position as the headlining act at the Download Festival the following year.

He knew that his answer would enrage fans, so he tried to be as ambiguous as possible in his response. Then again, it was the best he could manage.

The band's appearance/absence was confirmed/refuted during a Q&A session at Manchester's "For The Love Of Horror" conference by the lead vocalist.

At the BEC Arena on Friday, Taylor gave a solo performance in the area.

Before his scheduled presence at the convention for a series of autograph sessions, it was referred to as a pre-party for the convention.

Taylor took part in an audience Q&A session as well.

He was questioned about the speculations that Slipknot might be at the biggest metal festival in the UK the following year.

He told the crowd to take out their phones and then began to explain/muddy the situation.

Finally, Taylor chuckles and adds, "That will enrage people."

Frontman of the band Slipknot, Corey Taylor, recently shared his thoughts on the group's decision to depart Roadrunner Records after 22 years.

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