Famous Comedian Harry hill is seen in a live comedy show with the former TV burp host.  

He has said during the interview that the doll was very scary

During her interview, a puppet named Gauri was wearing a brown shirt along with a green vest.

Yaari jokingly said that Gauri, who appears in Jari's first live interview in 10 years, is handling her committee career.

During the interview, Urban has also admitted that he is a very funny person who keeps on joking about Gauri.

In the interview, Victoria who was hosting the same show called her puppet too scary.

To this question Harry answered I allocate people into two groups of traffic or tier end shares

Spooky Baby Doll on BBC Breakfast gets public response to interview with harry Hill

A Twitter user said what is going on at BBC Breakfast

Along with that, Harry Hill is becoming fiercely trending on social media and along with it, O Baby Doll is also trending.

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