Global chipmakers are growing more angry about the US' chip ban on China.

which can result in declining revenues, reduced investment plans, and increasing worries about the business going forward.

major chip goliaths pushing for exclusions from the US' enforcement effort, including the South Korean chip goliath SK Hynix.

The increasingly globalised chip supply chain will suffer even more as a result of the US's growing decoupling effort and additional export restrictions.

which, as the result of slow demand, is already under pressure, Chinese analysts said on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, SK Hynix stated that it hoped the one-year waiver on semiconductor equipment exports to China would be extended for another year.

"Assuming the waiver is no longer granted, this means that if a situation arises where we must obtain tool-by-tool licencing

This would make it extremely challenging for us to bring in the equipment," Kevin Noh, Chief Marketing Officer at SK Hynix

Sales at SK Hynix declined by 20.5% in the third quarter, and operating earnings dropped by 60.5%.

The US Department of Commerce has given SK Hynix permission to keep acquiring the necessary semiconductor equipment.

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