Early in the current Season 10 of Chicago P.D., an emotional episode featured Jay Halstead's farewell.

For the first time in its lengthy history, the popular drama has been going on without actor Jesse Lee Soffer.

The actors will soon be working with Soffer once more even though the characters (including wife Upton and erstwhile mentee Torres) are still dealing with Halstead's decision to join the army.

He has a role behind the scenes instead of returning as the beloved detective!

According to Variety, Jesse Lee Soffer will return to Chicago P.D. in 2023 to helm the sixteenth episode of Season 10.

There are currently no information on when Episode 16 will air on NBC in the coming year.

however, if Season 10 adheres to the previous seasons' plotlines (with the exception of the eighth),

This will probably air in March (although it was cut short owing to COVID production issues).

Since followers of the Upton/Halstead connection won't be able to witness what's going on with Upstead because Halstead won't be returning,

Jesse Lee Soffer is returning to his longtime home on NBC, bringing the two back to the screen together.

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