On Wednesday, North West and her mother Kim Kardashian performed a cute dance on their shared TikTok account, proving Kim Kardashian to be the coolest mother ever.

The mother and daughter danced to a club remix of "I Don't Care" by YouTuber Kai Cenat.

She sported a pair of dark sunglasses over her famous face, and North was dressed in a large black hoodie.

I raised these shoulders and then dropped them because I don't care,

In the video, Kai can be heard saying as Kim and North adjust their shoulders.

The two then got up and started jumping and dancing.

Last year, Kim and North opened a joint TikTok account, which ex-Kanye has frequently criticised online.

It happens after Kim made fun of her previous Skechers "Shape-Ups" endorsement in a TikTok video on Wednesday that featured her daughter North, nine.

One of the 42-year-old actress's advertisements featured her posing in a pink sports bra while the contentious shoe hovered nearby.

a soundbite that said: "Bro, if you got Sketchers on, get out of [my] face!" appeared on screen.

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