Social media behemoths will be compelled to provide the details of dead children to distraught parents.

We all are known that the online safety bills which was promoted by the death of Molly Russell

Friends bereaved parents which are will be able to access their data children social media account with the help of the proposed law by the government

After the parents forced the media houses might be forced to unlock the data and claim for the plan.

the for 3 year old daughter took her own life in the year of 2017 after she was more Madrid with self harm activities and suicide on social media sites.

The director of this firm who is baroness kidron who is drone the changes after successfully pursuing the Minister to introduce the children’s Code.

She claimed that she got a lot of complaints from the parents who are denied access to their children social media account.

This is a very sad moment for everyone of us that it this 14 year old daughter took her life .

Apart from that when it was finally released then after that this character I mean we are talking about the molly fees exactly receives the 16000 force is exactly

causing the self harm and enjoy it and we can say some suicidal activities in the final six months of her life.

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