The majority of Irishmen travel to Australia to avoid the weather.

However, the rain that fell from the overcast Melbourne skies gave the Irish men's cricket team unbridled jubilation as it guaranteed their greatest-ever T20 victory.

"During my time playing cricket, I have seen a lot of rain, and I have never been happier to see the rain pour down when it did,

Andy Balbirnie, the captain of Ireland, remarked in the news conference following the game.

It would be a disservice to Irish sport to say that weather played the main role in the outcome.

Jos Buttler, the captain of England, claimed his team was significantly outplayed.

"I'm hoping we accomplished something comparable. Cricket isn't a popular sport in Ireland, as I have always claimed.

The real significance of this victory might not lie in who they defeated or the arena in which they triumphed.

Only two members of the winning team from Bengaluru were present in Melbourne, and neither Paul Stirling nor George Dockrell made a substantial contribution.

The newcomers have demonstrated that the golden generation is not limited to that particular generation.

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