In response to opposition criticism of Braverman's reappointment as home secretary, UK PM Rishi Sunak

Joe Biden's incorrect pronunciation of British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak sparks parodies

Indian Prime Minister Modi refers to her country as an economic powerhouse

The gloomy lawmakers are cheered by the new UK PM Sunak's parliamentary d├ębut.

In a letter to British Prime Minister Sunak, Sonia expresses her desire for the continuing development of ties between India and the UK under his leadership.

The majority of the trade agreement with India has been finished, according to the UK, but will not be signed until it is satisfactory.

The UK's new PM postpones the tight budget plan

Energy security must be prioritised, which calls for increased use of nuclear power, offshore wind, and renewable energy sources: Sunak, UK PM

UK PM Sunak informs ministers that a delay in the fiscal statement is necessary to make the best decisions.

Economic stability and budgetary sustainability will be at the core of this government's goal, UK PM Rishi Sunak told the cabinet.

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