Rocker Jon Bon Jovi has explained why he declines to advertise his wine company, Hampton Water,

The singer struck a somber note in response to a clever query about why Jon Bon Jovi didn’t name the rosé brand “bed of rosé,”

No family names or song titles are associated with the label because, according to him

The performer of “Livin’ On A Prayer” continued, “We worked very hard every day to earn the respect of the industry and to learn, and that’s all we’re doing

The singer continued by stating that the family is a true winemaking family who is developing a genuine wine business

We wouldn’t ask the general public to participate in anything subpar, Jon Bon Jovi said

’ve never arrived at a show pretending to be myself. You go to work (to produce something genuine), you know.”

Dan Murphys currently carries the sweet and dry rosé, which has a suggested retail price of $34.99 per bottle.

The former football player continued, “It’s hard to tell what the best part is, but one of my favorite things is simply being able to bounce ideas off of him.”

Jon Bon Jovi is a superb marketer and has a plethora of expertise, Jesse continued.

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