Weddle Game Today answer October 2022

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Weddle Game Today answer October 2022
Weddle Game Today answer October 2022

Welcome to the official page of If you are looking for Weddle Game today’s answer, then we would like to tell you that you are at the right place. Here in this article we will cover all your queries regarding the Weddle Game and try to give you some more information about this interesting game.

So without wasting any time let’s get started and know about Weddle Game.

What is Weddle Game ?

Weddle Game is a web-based puzzle game which everyone can play with free of cost with the help of their web browser.

It gives only 8 attempts to guess the correct NFL players name.

This game is created by Weddle team which religious new new version of this game in order to give win the the puzzle word game everyday.

So in this article we will cover all the necessary things about this interesting Weddle Game and we’ll also know how I can get this and what are the tips and tricks of this game in order to win this game.

Friends this page contains all the the answer and all the information about Weddle Game. Show so if you are looking for everyday answer then you must be bookmark this page for your future use.

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What is Weddle NFL ?

Friends if you have time then let’s have some knowledge about NFL. You must heard about

The wordle game. It’s quite similar to this Weddle Game. The only difference is that the NFL player.

So it was first developed by Eric weddle. And if we are talk about the game modes then it will comes with normal and hard version of this game.

It’s a puzzle category game where everyone can play this game is easily.

Eric steven weddle was an American football safety person who spents 14 season in National Football League (NFL).

More about Weddle NFL Game

It’s similar to the game like wordle. If you think that Weddle Game is similar to this game then it’s partly similar but not identical.

Both are also predictable game but the player should have used their brain accordingly.

In wordle we know that the players only have 6 sons to guess the word so yeah a colour indicators are available to indicates that your choosen answer is right or wrong.

But in Weddle Game the players should have to guess the name of only the NFL player.

Here in this game the player will be given separate columns to feel the players age,weight, and height.

So so both games are seems to like similar but there are quite identical.

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Official website

As we know that there are millions of games are available over the internet, so choosing the best game and which are are entertaining you more it’s quite difficult nowadays.

So here in this website we will give you the most and reliable game which should you go for Once.

If we talk about the official link of Weddle Game then in the below section II listed the official link you have to click the link over here and directly go to the official site of this Weddle Game.

When you enter the official website the game will be appear on your screen and you can play it over there.

The official link of this game is here.

The gameplay of weddle NFL game

As we mentioned it’s a simple mind game. In order to win this game you have to gain some knowledge and gain some characteristics and physical characteristics of all the NFL player.

After that you need to play this game and you can win this game.

In the below line we mentioned some of the rules and regulation of this weddle game.

  • In this game player have only eight chance to guess the name.
  • All the guess should be the player name of NFL.
  • You guys will be given only three columns to fill in the the necessary information like height weight and age of the player.
  • This game also indicating the right or wrong symbol with the help of colour.
  • This game also indicating how much points you have gained or loss.
  • Once you win this game you can share your score over the social media with your families and friends.

How does weddle game work ?

In this game players are given 6 attempts to find the mysterious five letter word of the day

The five letter word should be the players name of NFL. If the letter its side yellow it is in wrong position indicating.

If it is so green then your guessing letter is correct position and you got some point.

Yellow box below one of the squares indicating the player is getting closer to the current answer.

File a green it’s indicating the correct guess.

If we give an example then let’s take a example

The yellow in the box represents the prediction is correct but the the location is is wrong so you have to concern about that before entering the name of a player.

The yellow below the height age and weight column it also indicate that the correct number of a player.

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How can we get weddle game ?

For this game no need to create an account over there this is completely free of cost. It is available on internet you can play it anytime anywhere with free of cost.

This game can be played for free in the web browser on your computer as well as with your mobile phone also.

So here you can follow the steps in order to to play the game.

Do the first thing is that you need to go to the official website of this game.

Click here to to directly go to the official website of the game.

After clicking this link you will see a blank box on your screen where we have to enter the name of a NFL football player.

How to play weddle game ?

In order to play this game you have to follow some basic steps which are listed below.

  • Guess an NFL player name as few as possible.
  • The Boxers colour indicating your guess is correct or wrong so depending upon that you should have proceed your game.
  • Green colour represents a match in any column.
  • Yellow colour represents correct line but not in correct position.
  • The height age and weight column in yellow indicates that the correct number is nearly towards you.
  • You have to guess the solution player in not more than 8 guesses.


Here in this article we covered all the things about weddle game and all the related things also. We are hope that you enjoyed to read this article. If you still have any queries you can feel free to ask in the comment section we are happy to help you. If you like this article or or you are looking for the upcoming answer then you can bookmark this page and update about upcoming answer. You can share this article with your friends and family also.

Thank You for reading!!!

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