What Is Antivirus and How it Works ?

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In this article we will learn much more about antivirus software and will also learn about how it works. Apart from that, we will also discuss what it protects you from.

What Is Antivirus and How it Works ?
What Is Antivirus and How it Works ?

So without wasting any time let’s get started.

What is antivirus ?

Antivirus is one type of computer program which is designed to remove those viruses which are affected to your computer.

Those viruses can be severe affect your system and you can say it might be blocked your system from getting infected with new virus.

Antivirus programs are available for every operating system including Windows, Mac OS, iPhone, Android and Linux as well.

The main objective of an antivirus is to remove the affected virus from your computer. It can remove the the the virus as well as clean any form of Malware from your computer and keep your system clean.

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Threat of Malware

Now a days viruses and other Malware are constantly present on the Internet and it might be changing increasingly. This viruses are created by some kind of hackers who is exactly want any kind of damages of you computer.

Hacker could be doing everything and can control your computer by any time. Apart from that we are mentioned some couple of purpose of hacker which are listed below.

  • They can steal your personal information from your system.
  • You might be lost your Bank account or credit card account login credentials.
  • They can turn your computer as a bot it is called dos attack. That means Denial of service attack.
  • There might be possible that random popup are will occur again and again.
  • They can steal your personal information at the time of money transaction.

Apart from that some hackers are more dangerous than others. They can consume your memory, cpu, and other system resources to reduce your system productivity and break your privacy.

How an antivirus work ?

If you are using iPhone or Mac OS, then it might be possible that antivirus software is not critical for you.

What Is Antivirus and How it Works ?
What Is Antivirus and How it Works ?

But if you are using a Windows system or an Android device then you should use antivirus for your system safety.

If you want to install and run the antivirus in your computer then it will protect you many forms. Such as

  • The antivirus will regularly scan your system and protect your files and directories from the Malware virus.
  • If if your antivirus identify some kind of Malware virus or you can say virus attack your antivirus would be isolated those files which are affected by the Malware virus.
  • You can also manually can it at any moment if you are suspect any wrong things happen with your system.
  • Some antivirus providers are also provide there extension which are also help you free event at the time of when you enter some random website which might be affect your system in future.
  • There are millions of dangerous websites are available over the internet. So you should concern about the virus attacking and should take the proper precaution.
  • This virus I will protect you you and also extensions are giving a lot if you have any privacy issue.
  • Antivirus programs can also monitor your network traffic. It will also recognise when a new or suspicious software each installed in your computer and it can inform you if any suspect is there.
  • On many corporate or IT Department needs to allow some kind of website and it will add in the website cookies. So it might be possible it will create a problem in future. So better to take action Before any kind of problem will happen.

So these are the all kind of feature which are provided by antivirus for a kind of shake guard of your computer.

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Do we need antivirus software ?

If you are using Android device or Windows computer or any modern system you can also protect it by using the antivirus software.

Foreign example if you are using Windows 10 version then you can see there is a application provided by default by windows called Windows Defender. Which includes Firewall and antivirus. But it is not the perfect solution.

If you don’t want to to put an antivirus software then your computer might be risk at any moment if you don’t install the antivirus software.

  1. Unnecessary click on phishing email.
  2. Downloading the free resources from malicious website.
  3. Using peer to peer file sharing software.
  4. Clicking the malicious social media links.

The main objective of antivirus software each it will be blocked by viruses from affecting your system from the the Malware virus and protecting your computer from your own mistakes also.

So better you should need to use any kind of antivirus it might be free or you can try the premium antivirus for your Windows or Android phone. If you are using Android device then in your Play Store application you can get plenty of free antivirus applications are there you should installed some best antivirus application and you should use it.

This antivirus softwares protect your data and protect you also from any kind of Malware. There are lot of anti viruses are there such as Trojan viruses and many more which you should install and use it immediately for protecting your system from Malware.

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In this article we covered all the things about anti-virus and how it protects our system from Malware. . That you are enjoying at the time of reading this article. If you still have any doubt you can feel free to ask in our comment section we are happy to help you out. Apart from that if you are like this article you can share this article with your friends and families.

Thank you for reading!!!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. What is the best antivirus software ?

If you are using Windows device then a free free antivirus software called windows defender is by default provided by Windows 10 you can use it with free of cost. If you are using Android device then there are millions of anti-virus applications are their present in your Play Store.

2. Can I use Antivirus with my iPhone ?

In order to use Antivirus with your iPhone you can get it from your Mac application store. Apple also provide some premium antivirus software to protect your data from Malware software.

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