Will the single life be made tolerable by a man-sized teddy lover substitute?

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Will the single life be made tolerable by a man-sized teddy lover substitute?
Will the single life be made tolerable by a man-sized teddy lover substitute?

Will the single life be made tolerable by a man-sized teddy lover substitute? I woke up in the early hours of the morning in Bulgaria’s stunning city of Varna. Even though I could have used a few more hours in bed, I must say that I slept well.

Even when I sprawled across his wide chest or requested that his arms stay around me the entire night, my buddy never once voiced a complaint. He didn’t snore or monopolize the duvet either. He was actually completely tolerable since, well, he’s a bear.

Yes, that is accurate. I recently stayed the night in a motel with a really unique teddy bear.

To give him his full name, “Loving Bear Puffy” is a 5′ 7″ milky-brown “emotional support bear” that lonely singletons can purchase for £135 if they need a hug.

According to his creators, he has a body that is “the shape and size of a masculine human body” and “the head of a half-asleep bear.” As a result, he has quite odd proportions, with the big shoulders of a weightlifter and the small head of a doll.

Puffy weighs only 3.2 kg and is filled with premium polyurethane foam (not exactly boyfriend material, but it makes him extra soft).

You can wrap your fingers around his hand for security or lean on him if you need a shoulder to weep on. He can share your bed, or you may curl up next to him on the couch to read a book or watch a movie. He “replaces the lack of a person’s actual presence, especially during long, lonely evenings,” the website claims.

What brings me to Bulgaria? In any case, this is the location of the Puffy manufacturer. I was eager to try one out after reading about the man-sized comfort bears in British newspapers this week. However, it takes around ten days for packages to arrive in the UK, so here I am in Varna, sitting up in my hotel bed with Puffy.

The creators of Loving Bear Puffy may have struck gold with this one. In every age group under 70, the proportion of women without a spouse or who have never wed is quickly increasing.

Like me, many 30-something women find online dating to be draining. Both Bumble and Tinder have grown boring to us. Swiping left or right on match after match until things fade out or they ghost you, these applications become all-consuming.

Additionally, more people are staying at home and staying single. According to the Office for National Statistics, nearly a third of people between the ages of 20 and 34 still live with their parents.

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Living with your parents is the best method to guarantee that your love life is completely over.

I quickly come to the conclusion that this bear’s best quality is his constant availability for cuddles. Before things don’t work out, I don’t need to waste time getting to know him for a few days or weeks.

Even though some people might find it strange to sleep with a bear, a 2019 survey revealed that up to 34% of adults still use a soft toy as a pillow. Thus, the millennial generation has essentially turned into a generation of adult babies who still reside at home and sleep with stuffed animals. It makes sense why the birth rate is declining.

Tonia Berdankova, a 47-year-old businesswoman from Bulgaria, and Ina Marholeva, her 22-year-old daughter, are the creators of Puffy. They came up with the concept the previous year, when Tonia was attempting to cope with a lonely summer without her 48-year-old husband Peter who was working out of town.

Who will you hug, my daughter teased. You’ll need to come up with a replacement, Tonia says. Then I kept thinking about how many women are alone in the world for various reasons and how they require some sort of physical presence.

Puffy the Loving Bear was thus created, with production having only recently begun. According to Tonia, demand has been increasing, with Scandinavian nations reporting the highest sales.

But I really want to know how Tonia’s husband feels about Puffy taking his place. Is the presence of another male, albeit in stuffed bear form, a threat to him?

He is aware that I enjoy nighttime hugs. We all use the same bear, which we only have one of. We’ll argue over it when my daughter visits.

Will there also be a female Puffy for guys to cuddle with?

Perhaps later,” Tonia responds. However, I believe that women are more inclined to acknowledge the necessity for such a thing.

I enquire as to whether my pals would like a Puffy. One responds, “I would buy it for my lover so I can sleep soundly!”

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